Riviera Maya

Bees: Guardians of the Ecosystem and Treasures of the Riviera Maya

On this World Bee Day let’s talk about the fascinating little creatures that are buzzing around in our world: our lovely Bees in Mexico! These tiny powerhouses aren’t just cute honey-making insects; they’re also super necessary for our ecosystem and survival. 

Here in Mexico, we have a remarkable diversity of bees, some of which have very distinct characteristics and behaviors compared to their European honeybee counterparts. Melipona Bees, are native to the Yucatán Peninsula and play a vital role in the region’s biodiversity and pollination. Trigona Bees are known for their exceptional honey production, with distinct flavors that reflect the diverse flora of the Riviera Maya. Both are endangered stingless bees, and that’s why the role of apiaries is really significant in this region.

These buzzing insects play a crucial role as pollinators, which means they are pretty much the rock stars of our agricultural and ecological systems. The fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds we enjoy owe a huge debt to these little superstars!

🐝 To honor today’s World Bee Day we are planning a visit to a local apiary in Playa del Carmen, focused on re-homing, rescuing, and protecting the endangered native stingless bees of this region. 

Of course, our #MonthlyDonation will go towards this amazing project!!! Please join us in this visit to learn more about the incredible Melipona and Trigona Bees, on the 26th of May at 9am. Limited spaces are available; kindly e-mail us to to confirm availability and reserve your spot. 

Bees-curiosities that you probably didn’t know about :

🐝 Bees are excellent mathematicians. They have the ability to calculate the shortest flight path between flowers and their hive, optimizing energy efficiency.

🐝 In ancient Mayan civilization, honey held significant cultural and spiritual importance. It was used in rituals, as a natural sweetener and for medicinal purposes.

🐝 Beeswax, produced by bees to build their honeycombs, has been used for centuries in candle-making, cosmetics and even as a natural wood polish.

🐝 Honey is the only food that never spoils. Archaeologists have discovered pots of honey in ancient Egyptian tombs, that are over 3,000 years old and still perfectly edible!

Why we love Bees: 

At, we’ve got a special appreciation for bees and their conservation efforts; they have in fact inspired the creation of our buzzing team! Let us introduce ourselves: 

bees in Mexico

We’ve got busy Assistant Bees; 🐝 you’ve probably met them virtually if you’ve been in contact with us via mail, chat or WhatsApp! They’re trained to provide exceptional support and assistance in various daily tasks. P.S. They also secretly check that everything is ok with your order and work hand in hand with your Shopper! 

Next up, we have our Shopper Bees 🛒 If you’ve used our services, you’ve definitely met these Super-Heroes! They’re the experts in finding the best deals and products for you. With their sharp eyes and knack for figuring out where to find everything you need, they’ll do their best to make sure you get all the products you requested! 

Say hello to our tech-savvy 🖥️ Hacker Bees. These little geniuses demonstrate exceptional skills in technology and digital solutions. From troubleshooting to coding, they’re the busy bees that keep our digital world running smoothly.

Of course, we can’t forget about our 🌟 Quality Bees!  Driven by our Queen Bee 👑 they’re the ones who ensure that our company meets the highest standards and nothing gets overlooked. With their meticulous attention to detail, they check every corner of the hive to ensure we’re delivering top-notch quality to our BeeFriends.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience with our BeeTeam while you visit the Riviera Maya and Cancún. We’ll make sure you have an absolutely exceptional stay!

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